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What do Star Wars and Obama have in common? I know. This is not your typical Wednesday-morning question. Okay, I get it. You haven’t had your coffee yet. Star Wars offers “A New Hope” and Obama claimed to promote “Hope and Change.” They both (and they aren’t the only ones) offer the only reason you ever need to have hope.

And whether it’s science fiction or a political promise, we all take notice because we all long for hope. I think we’ve longed for hope since the garden. And right there in the garden, God gave us a reason to hope as he promised a remedy for the problem of sin and death.

Isn’t that what Star Wars and Obama (and anyone else selling hope) are doing? Aren’t they promoting the idea that there is relief from this present darkness? Whether it’s hope for those weary of life lived under an oppressive galactic army or hope for those who are impoverished, marginalized, and rejected, we all want hope. Which is why we like to watch the Rebel Force press back the boundaries of the Empire. It’s why people vote for “change” without thinking about the unintended consequences of change without a moral compass. We long for immediate relief from our suffering, and sometimes that means we buy into false hope.

The only one capable of fulfilling our hopes is God. Yet we look to other sources for a solution.

God tells us we should honor Christ in our hearts and always be “prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you…” (1 Peter 3:15). The implication is that we have hope.

Our hope – our only true hope – is Christ. Christ truly is the only reason you ever need to have hope. Christ in the flesh. Christ crucified. Christ resurrected. Christ ascended. Christ interceding. Christ glorified. And Christ returning for us.

God, in his grace, prompted prophets to prophesy about the coming Messiah. God in his grace fulfilled the prophecies in Christ so we also may believe. And God in his grace has opened our eyes and ears that we might see and hear the truth, and believe (Ephesians 1:15-21).

Our faith is founded in Christ and the work he completed on the cross. It is not wrapped up in the evidence and testimony of the saints who have gone before us, but the reasons for our faith are strengthened by the evidence and testimony of the saints who have gone before us.

But wait! There’s more!


Our faith and hope, while founded in the work completed, doesn’t end with what has already been accomplished. We have a future hope.

Christ is returning for us. Christ will cover us on Judgement Day. Christ will take us to the home he has prepared for us. And all these afflictions will finally be seen as light and momentary with respect to the great glory awaiting us.

And as we focus on the glimpse of glory to come, true hope can sustain us here. now. today.

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