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DRW Seminar

Why do some people have stronger friendships and marriages than others? Why do they truly enjoy their children, perform so well in the workplace, and have such an appealing Christian witness? And why are they so good at reducing and resolving conflict?

A Better Kind of Smart

Why? Because they have something more valuable than a high IQ: they’ve developed relational wisdom.

Through this seminar you can kern key skills for discerning interests and emotions in yourself and others, and use these insights to reduce conflict and build relationships.

Real-Life Application

The seminar was designed by Ken Sande, founder of Relational Wisdom 360 and Peacemaker Ministries, and author of The Peacemaker. Taught by Julia Quillen (a Certified Relational Wisdom Instructor), this interactive seminar involves scriptural context, colorful teaching, analysis of Hollywood film clips, group discussion, and real-life application exercises.

These one-day conferences consist of six sessions. An RW360 event can be expanded into a weekend event with game and movie nights geared toward fostering relationships with wisdom among the members of your group. Half-day, evening, and one-hour presentations are also available.

Julia was one of the first people certified to teach relational wisdom and she has a marvelous ability to apply these concepts to the relational challenges of real life. She is biblical, practical, insightful and humorous … all of which makes her teaching both valuable and fun to read. 

Ken Sande, President, Relational Wisdom 360

Billings, MT

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