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Speaking Services

Julia is a professional speaker available to lead women’s conferences.


  • Each program consists of 3 sessions with discussion and application woven throughout the conference.
  • Any of these programs can be modified for one-day or multi-day conferences consisting of 2-6 sessions.
  • One-hour, single-message topics are also available.

To find out more about having me speak in your setting, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Julia spoke at a women’s conference for Grace Presbyterian Church, in Cookeville, TN, where my husband was the pastor at the time. Julia was such an awesome speaker. She did a great job of communicating and breaking down the big idea of community into messages that were easy to understand and to apply in our daily lives. I loved how she worked not only on having a winsome message, but was also sincerely concerned with how she could minister to the ladies in our congregation. God ministered to our flock through her faithful service. We even had her back for a second retreat.
Elizabeth Cangelosi, pastor's wife & mother of five

Madison, Mississippi

Forever Starts Now ~ Enjoying and Glorifying God on this Side of Heaven

Forever Starts NowThis conference is a comprehensive look at lives of women in the church. As we learn to live aware of God’s presence in our lives today while understanding his providence in our lives yesterday, we can unleash his power in our lives every day. We focus on how God has gifted us to serve, called us to rest, and positioned us for love.

Pinterest Won’t Bake Your Bread ~ Cooking Up Relationships that are More Than Half-Baked

Pinterest Won't Bake Your BreadThis conference focuses on the relationships between women. We spend time developing the concepts that we were made for relationships in the flesh (including a conversation on the place of social media in friendships today); designed for relationships that direct us to God; and created for relationships that help us to fulfill God’s calling.

Unscrambling the Rubik's Cube ~ The Construction of the Cube is the Key to Completion

Unscrambling the Rubik's CubeThis conference addresses the very real need for organization in the lives of women today. We explore how important it is to view time and possessions with an eternal perspective and to center our lives on the cross. There is a heavy emphasis on practical skills for organizing our plans, our people, and our property. Oh – and the Rubik’s Cube really does get solved!

Discovering Relational Wisdom

DRW SeminarWhy do some people have stronger friendships and marriages than others? Why do they truly enjoy their children, perform so well in the workplace, and have such an appealing Christian witness? And why are they so good at reducing and resolving conflict? Why? Because they have something more valuable than a high IQ: they’ve developed relational wisdom. Through this seminar you can learn key skills for discerning interests and emotions in yourself and others, and use these insights to reduce conflict and build relationships.

Consultation Opportunities

Each program consists of 3 sessions with discussion and application woven throughout the conference.  Any of these programs can be modified for one-day or multi-day conferences consisting of 2-6 sessions.  One-hour, single-message topics are also available.  To find out more about having me come to your event, use the Contact Me page.

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