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Hi, I’m Julia! I’m an expatriate from Texas, and now live in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania where my husband, Mike, serves as the Senior Pastor of Crossroads Community Church. I spend my days chasing after Jesus and our seven kids. I am passionate about grace. I have been asking and answering questions about healthy relationships for years: as a former banking executive now pastor’s wife, mother of seven, relationship coach, conference speaker, and writer. I am also an Advanced Relational Wisdom Instructor (rw360.org). Welcome to CultivateGrace.org! If you’d like to know more about me and this site, please click here.

Experiencing Grace

learning to rest in the grace of God and to understand our position of favor with him

Executing Grace

practical tips and helps for a home, schedule, and life that has room for grace

Extending Grace

recognizing opportunities to extend grace to those in our homes and beyond our front doors

Popular Topics

Decluttering 101

Get to the bottom of the piles by addressing the heart attitudes that help them grow.

Growing in Grace

Expose your heart to the grace of God revealed through scripture.


Establish order in your home and schedule to allow room (& time) for grace to grow.

Going Green & Saving Green

Search for little ways to save the environment, money, and time.

Kid Central

Welcome your kids into home life & train them in the practical aspects of life in a fallen world.

Cleaning Up

Keep your clothes, kids, and house clean enough to enjoy.


Understand the grace of friendships ~ and how to bring grace into them.

A Composed Christmas

Choose to savor the season instead of running ragged.

What people are saying

I first heard of Julia Quillen from my friend Karen. I drove from central Arkansas to northern Virginia with a couple of teens to visit Karen and her family. When it was time to go home, it was snowing heavily. Karen picked up her phone, and in a few minutes we were headed off to stay with strangers (to us) who lived about half way. Matthew 25: 35 says, “I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Indeed, we were hungry, thirsty, and strangers. We arrived late at night, weary from the trip. The next morning, we had breakfast with a whole lot of younger Quillens who welcomed us as warmly as their parents. The Lord brought bright sunshine, higher temperatures, and the many Quillen smiles to warm our hearts as we left. I left encouraged to be a person who also exhibits the love of the Lord to strangers and friends. Since then, I have been reading her blog (admittedly off and on). Her blog Hospitality is Not Always Convenient obviously struck a major chord with me. I’m sure our need for shelter in her home on short notice was not convenient, but I saw grace in this family who took in literal strangers. She lives out her calling. She is good at relationships whether for a snowy night or as she teaches others to build lasting ones by the grace of God. Julia truly lives scripture as the Lord intends.

Sharon Hawk, working mother of three

Sherwood, Arkansas