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Pinterest Won’t Bake Your Bread ~ Cooking Up Relationships that are More Than Half-Baked

Pinterest Won't Bake Your Bread

This conference focuses on the relationships between women. We spend time developing the concepts that we were made for relationships in the flesh; designed for relationships that direct us to God; and created for relationships that help us to fulfill God’s calling.

Session One: Tangible Relationships in a Digital Age

We were designed for relationships – not on our terms and at our convenience, but open and vulnerable relationships that happen in the thick of life. These are not by-appointment-only relationships that occur only on good-hair days in a trendy coffee shop (though coffee dates can certainly be part of a good relationship). Then, too, the busyness of life tempts us to substitute FaceTime for time face-to-face. When we do so, our relationships suffer. This session looks to Genesis and Hebrews to define relationships and then focus on the legitimate place of social media in friendships today. We look for the balance that allows social media to reinforce (rather than replace) our connections.

Session Two: The Point of Relationships is to Point us to God

Relationships serve many purposes. Relationships are how we will reach the lost for Christ. Yet relationships are not purely evangelistic. Our relationships with our sisters in Christ, with our husbands, with our children… all of these relationships are at their best when they help both parties know and love God more. This session focuses on relationships built on principles found throughout the Bible: recognizing the immortality and image of God present in every person we encounter, and developing a heart to approach inevitable conflict with courage and grace, all in a way that glorifies God.

Session Three: Called to Relationships that Help us Answer the Call

We were each created for a purpose. Yes, for relationships. Yes, to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. But God has also set each of us apart to be in specific relationships and to glorify and enjoy Him while accomplishing something for His kingdom. In this session we focus on relationships as the arena in which we accomplish our calling. We spend our time in John and Exodus to form our thoughts on relationships designed to help us pursue and fulfill our calling.

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