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Forever Starts Now ~ Enjoying and Glorifying God on this Side of Heaven

Forever Starts Now

This conference is a comprehensive look at lives of women in the church today. As we learn to live aware of God’s presence in our lives today while understanding his providence in our lives yesterday, we can unleash his power in our lives every day. We focus on how God has gifted us to serve, called us to rest, and positioned us for love.

Session One: Gifted to Serve

God has created and equipped each woman in unique ways to show his glory. In this session we focus on learning about our spiritual gifts, personalities, and desires. All of this is put in context of edifying the body of Christ.

Session Two: Called to Rest

Building on what we discovered in Session One, we will spend time working through the idea of calling and respecting the gifts of others. We take a different approach to being a Proverbs 31 Gal as we explore the seemingly burdensome passage in Proverbs 31 in light of the call to rest in Matthew 11:28.

Session Three: Positioned for Love

Taking our unique make-up and calling one step further, we can accept and extend love towards others. This session wraps up the conference with a call to rich relationships with the women in your church. We focus on how to develop sweet friendships as well as repairing the inevitable brokenness we often experience in our relationship as we live in a fallen world.

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