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Last week I wrote about utilizing the space under the guest bed for storing items used when you have guests. An alternative idea is to use a dresser (if you have one in the room) to hold the things needed to prepare the room, and as you empty it, you are creating space for your guests to store their personal articles.

Many people don’t have a dedicated guest room. If you have an office that doubles as a guest room that still has a traditional bed in it, I have some ideas for under-bed storage for you today.

office doubles as guest room

Extra stationery, business forms, and office supplies can go under the bed.

One option is to make use of short plastic containers.

Another option is to attach furniture glides to the bottom of an unused shelf and set your items on the shelf. It will easily slide out from under the bed – even on carpet – so you can make use of the space under the middle of the bed without having to crawl under there. An added touch would be to put a drawer pull on the edge of the shelf so you have an easy handle for pulling the shelf out or pushing it back under the bed.

You can use the board-on-furniture-glide idea to store infrequently-used files, resource materials, or even low-profile printers, scanners, or other electronic devices. You can also add small plastic baskets to hold extra pens, pencils, highlighters, paper clips… you get the idea.

It’s like having an extra shelf that tucks away under the bed.

Easy access to even the far reaches of your under-bed space can actually save you money. With adequate storage space, you can take advantage of sales  or buy in bulk for those items you regularly use.

When company comes and needs to use your office for a bedroom, all the office supplies and equipment slide under the bed to make the room feel more like home.

All the convenience of a well-stocked office, without the clutter!