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Some of my most popular topics appear on this page – sorted and grouped by category to make it easy to find related posts.

Executing Grace

practical tips and helps for a home, schedule, and life that has room for grace

Cleaning Up

Keep your clothes, kids, and house clean enough to enjoy.

Growing in Grace

Expose your heart to the grace of God revealed through scripture.


Understand the grace of friendships ~ and how to bring grace into them.

Experiencing Grace

learning to rest in the grace of God and to understand our position of favor with him

Decluttering 101

Get to the bottom of the piles by addressing the heart attitudes that help them grow.

Kid Central

Welcome your kids into home life & train them in the practical aspects of life in a fallen world.

A Composed Christmas

Choose to savor the season instead of running ragged.

Extending Grace

recognizing opportunities to extend grace to those in our homes and beyond our front doors

Going Green & Saving Green

Search for little ways to save the environment, money, and time.


Establish order in your home and schedule to allow room (& time) for grace to grow.