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I don’t know about you, but spring is a busy time and I have spent a lot of years rushing through school activities, yard work, playing outside, and planning & participating in Easter egg hunts only to arrive at Easter Sunday worn out and ready for the whole “event” to be over. But I need Easter! I need the message of Easter every day – and a special reminder at least once per year so I don’t miss it in my day-to-day experience.

I don’t like missing Easter.

Part of my plan to redeem Easter from the “event” it has become is to deliberately focus on Scripture in the weeks preceding Easter. This thought is not original with me – several denominations already observe a season called Lent. I think they are on to something… so this study corresponds exactly to the days in Lent.

Redeeming Easter: A Resurrection Day Study is an Advent-of-Easter Bible Study I wrote to focus myself (and my kids) on the gospel through the weeks leading up to Resurrection Day.

I’ve tried a lot of different “Advent traditions” over the years – and it all comes down to one thing: is it doable? See, with seven kids ranging from three to fifteen, the busyness of the church calendar, the school calendar, the special events calendar, the sports calendar, and all the other things that crowd into the room during spring, if we don’t have something short and simple, it won’t get done.

I tried to make it manageable, with 2-5 minute scripture readings, song and hymn suggestions, fun memory tools, and activities to consider doing as a family.

This year you can join us in our quest to redeem Easter from being merely an event on the calendar. This year you can join us as we dig into scripture to understand, in a deeper way, the wonder and mystery of the gospel of grace – a sinless savior crucified and resurrected to redeem us!

Redeeming Easter Details


I’ve added a Bible Study and devotion for the moms, derived from the verses we’ll read as a family each day. I made some cute printables with a couple of ideas for how to create your own advent calendar. I’m still working on including sound files for the hymns and carols so you can sing along if the tunes are not familiar. And in 2015, you are invited to enjoy the whole package for FREE!

Enrollment begins February 7.

If you subscribe to Redeeming Easter: A Resurrection Day Study you’ll get:

  • Daily email with a brief devotion and directed Bible study for moms to dig into the scripture for the day.
  • FREE printables and instructions for creating your own Advent of Easter Calendar
  • Daily Reading Plan for the whole family
  • Suggested hymn or carol tied to the reading for the day
  • Ideas for activities for the kids (and adults!)
  • Memory verses and principles to learn from the whole counsel of Scripture regarding the Messiah

You’ll also have access to the Facebook group to share ideas, photos, encouragement, and prayers as we study together.

**Please note, subscribing to the Redeeming Easter Study is different than subscribing to Cultivate Grace. If you subscribe to the study you’ll receive daily emails from February 18-April 6, 2015, and then they’ll stop. It will not interrupt or replace your Cultivate Grace subscription. You’ll continue to get my blog posts as scheduled, year round, if you are subscribed to Cultivate Grace. You will not get the Redeeming Easter Study emails unless you subscribe to the study itself.**

Enrollment opens today, Saturday, February 7, 2015. The printables and instructions for creating your advent calendar will come via email on February 14, so that you have *a little* time to prepare before the study begins on February 18. Please feel free to join any time! It’s never too late to jump in. 🙂

I also encourage you to share this study with others! Share on Facebook, forward the email, pin it on Pinterest! Let’s get busy Redeeming Easter: A Resurrection Day Study