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Hi friends!

I owe you a huge apology! I messed up… twice.


And it’s only 5 am.

I’m not off to a very good start!

Earlier today you received TWO emails from The Blog @ JuliaQuillen.com, but neither are actually published on my website. Yet.

I’m not sure how I did it, but somehow incorrect links to a post that’ll come out on Wednesday and another one scheduled for early April ended up in your inboxes this morning.

I am so sorry! Please forgive me.

I’m checking into where I made the mistake now (to make sure it doesn’t happen again!). It may have something to do with the fact that we made the second stop on our gypsy journey to our new (though as yet undisclosed-by-God) home in Upper Darby, PA this weekend. And though the mayhem may explain the error, I know it doesn’t excuse it, or change the fact that you have now received THREE emails from me, two of which don’t work. {Potentially FOUR emails, if you are subscribed to Redeeming Easter: A Resurrection Day Study.}

If you are irritated by the number of emails this morning and want to unsubscribe, I understand. Especially if you are new to JuliaQuillen.com (which used to be CultivateGrace.org) and don’t get that this doesn’t usually happen. But please don’t check the “SPAM” option when you unsubscribe. That suggests I got your email unethically and am sending you something to which you never considered subscribing – and it affects how the nether-world treats my emails in general.

Again, I am really sorry. Please accept my apology and let’s still be friends. And, hey, now you have a sneak peek at Wednesday’s post. See you then!

By his grace ~ Julia Q