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We all agree that Jesus was sinless, but sometimes we forget he experienced a full range of emotions without sinning.

A brief scan of the gospel accounts of Jesus’ life reveal he experienced a lot of emotions.























Jesus felt FURY? This makes us a little uncomfortable.

Most people grow increasingly uncomfortable as they read down that list thinking of Christ experiencing these emotions, but there are biblical examples throughout the life of Christ for each and every word I’ve listed there, right down to his (sinless) fury over the money-changers in the temple courts.

Jesus was regularly moved to action by his emotions – whether he was moved by compassion to heal the sick, or moved by grief to weep over the death of his friend Lazarus, or moved by agony to cry out to God as he looked down the path to the cross. He called his friends (the disciples) “dull” in a moment of exasperation. He was heartbroken when God’s chosen people rejected him. He was moved to compassion – begging forgiveness for those who killed him – for those who “knew not” what they did.

Jesus felt emotions, and he felt them deeply. Yet there is not one. single. account. in the entirety of scripture of Jesus stuffing his emotions down to avoid conflict, to keep someone else happy, or to save embarrassment.

Likewise, there is not one. single. account. in the entirety of scripture of Christ being so consumed by anger, fear, passion, or grief such that he said or did something he later regretted.

Jesus experienced every. single. emotion. we were created to experience, without sin, without regret, without shame.

Jesus experienced emotions without sin

Any true believer bases his salvation on the perfect sinlessness of the life of Christ. Indeed, without his perfect, unblemished, sinless sacrifice on our behalf, we have no hope.

We often forfeit the benefits of being united with Christ.

There is an extension of the hope we have in Christ which we often forfeit. You see, Christ’s death and resurrection not only assures us of eternal life, but also secures an abundant life for us starting now and lasting throughout eternity. We often say (with the Westminster Confession) our chief end, main purpose, is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.

What if forever starts now?

We don’t have to wait for heaven to enjoy God and his design forever. Jesus died and rose again for a kingdom that is now. Forever starts now. Abundant life is for now, not later.

His Spirit dwelling in us makes it possible for us to choose righteousness now.

His Spirit living in us gives us the power to pursue being fully human (with all the emotions that entails) now. {You can read more about how we were created for emotions here.}

Christ’s Spirit abiding in us frees us to experience emotions the way Christ experienced emotions, to feel deeply and be moved to righteousness. We can learn to experience a full range of emotions without sinning in them.

Knowing all this isn’t enough. Do something!

So, are you ready to enjoy God and his people now?

What lies have you been believing about emotions? Where can you bring biblical truth to those lies? Where do you need to repent?

I’d love to help you explore this further. As a matter of fact, I have an entire women’s weekend conference on the idea of Forever Starts Now. For more information on hosting this life-and-women’s-ministry-changing conference for the women in your church or community, please click here.

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Meanwhile, I’d love to get this conversation started online – comment below how you’ve seen emotions move you to righteousness or to sin.

Let’s pray for one another as we learn what it looks like to enjoy God and glorify him now.