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Hello sweet friends!

I’ve missed you.

Life has been an absolute whirlwind since I last posted. Last you heard from me I was headed to Spain in July to work at an English Camp.

I came home to the beginnings of conversations between our family in Tennessee and a church in Pennsylvania. Between July and October our family, the session of our church in Tennessee, and the search committee of Crossroads Community Church in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania talked and prayed through a difficult and exciting decision. The end result is that my husband was called to join the 100+ year ministry of Crossroads as their new Senior Pastor. He was officially installed on January 10th, but our family is still transitioning between Tennessee and Pennsylvania.

The necessary confidentiality during the decision-making process, and the resulting preparations for transitioning our family of nine to a new context *obviously* interrupted my blog. Well, that and the total site redesign I’ve been working on since September.

All that to say – I’m back! BUT, CultivateGrace.org is no more.

At the same time my family is moving to Pennsylvania, Cultivate Grace is moving, and not just physically. So, while our family does not yet have a physical place to call home where I can invite you to come spend time with me, I hope you’ll visit my new digital home: JuliaQuillen.com and know me better there!

I’d love to hear what you think of the new site! Come on over and take a peek. Leave a comment. Send me an email. Visit with me on Facebook. I really miss connecting with you all! I look forward to the new adventure in our new home and on the new website.

By his grace,

Julia Q

Some technical info:

I will no longer be posting three times per week. You can expect a post on Monday or Wednesday (or occasionally, both) each week. Topics are the same, just the frequency is changing.

If you’ve been a subscriber to CultivateGrace.org, you DO NOT need to resubscribe to get the blog posts from JuliaQuillen.com. Your email address has been moved with the site. Of course, you may easily UNSUBSCRIBE by clicking the link at the bottom of the email. If you’ve already re-subscribed, don’t worry! I’ve set things up to make sure you don’t get two of everything to the same email address, though you may get this first email twice. If you used a more than one email address to subscribe, I won’t catch that. Just send unsubscribe from the email you want to eliminate.