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RW Relationship Repair: Transforming Conflict into Connection



This 8-session coaching series will help you make positive changes in how you engage in a specific relationship. In just four months, you will do the hard work necessary to upset the “normal” (broken) way you do relationships so you can establish a new (healthy) way of connecting. Together, we will work on boundaries, granting forgiveness, seeking forgiveness, and other healthy relationship skills using simple but powerful Relational Wisdom® tools.

We will meet twice per month for 4 months. Your first monthly payment will also include a sign-up fee so that session 1 (90 minutes) and session 2 (60 minutes) are covered. The next six (6) sessions (60 minutes each) will be billed on a monthly basis for 3 more months. Subsequent payments will occur 1 month after initial payment date.

Payment is due monthly and must be submitted before monthly appointments.


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